Make Your Custom Challenge Coins Functional By Using Them As Bottle Openers

When you want to give out challenge coins during special occasions, coming up with a design idea for the coins may be easy when you have something to associate it with. For instance, you can have the logo of your organization imprinted on your coins. But what if you want something more to set it apart from other custom challenge coins? Well, the artists here at can help you out with that. You can choose from many available shapes and sizes. You can even choose to have your coins as a bottle opener. You can input the design you want in these bottle openers.

Custom coins as bottle openers can be great souvenirs during bachelor parties, retirement events, or any other kinds of celebration. To make it even more personalized, you can add in edge engraving or numbering in your coins.

Custom Coins

When manufacturers follow their guidelines, these bottle opener coins are guaranteed to work 100% in opening a bottle of beer, unlike other coins that are only for “show.” During the design process, the coin manufacturer uses the right specifications to ensure that the products are functional. You also have an option to wear it as a key chain or necklace for easy access. All you need is to request for a second cutout in your challenge coin bottle opener.

Drinking And Challenge Coins – A Perfect Combination

When you think about the history of these coins, it is not surprising that somebody would come up with the idea of using them a bottle opener. Since the First World War, military coins and drinking have been popular with servicemen.

custom military coinsWhen soldiers are at local bars, “challenging” other soldiers to show their coins is the fun part of challenge coins. If the soldier is able to show the coin, the challenger will buy a round of drinks. If not, the one who was challenged will buy the drinks for the other soldiers, including the challenger. With a challenge coin as a bottle opener, anyone who enjoys a cold drink can open their favorite beer.

A Different Take On Custom Challenge Coins

Since these coins are becoming really popular as collectables or commemorative coins, using them as a bottle opener is a different take on these coins.

The come if various sizes and shapes, including:

• Round

• Rectangular

• Dog tag shape

• Cowbell shape

• Octagon, pentagon, and many more

Design Options Of Challenge Coin Bottle Openers

Like other types of customized coins, bottle opener coins can also represent the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Navy, Marines, Police, Firefighters, and even corporate organizations, personal groups, or a congressional group. You can use your imagination when designing your coins and of course, the experts at can help you customize your coin according to your purpose and requirements. Your challenge coin can be made from any of the following:

• Gold

• Silver

• Bronze

• Copper

The best choice for your bottle opener coins are the stronger metals. They can perform their intended function and they will be relatively indestructible. You can request for the logo and lettering to be painted, have an epoxy dome finish, and to be raised; or they can simply be polished, brushed, or have an antique finish. The finish could be rough or smooth. For round shapes, the edge can be roped, diamond cut, or flowered. To make your coins unique, there are many features that you can apply to them.


custom challenge coinsYou can use your bottle opener challenge coin at home, social gatherings, and in bars. These coins can be an amazing hit during pool or barbecue parties. They can also be helpful when you go on fishing, camping, and hunting trips. You can give them away during ceremonies, conventions, dedications, assemblies, parties, and other events that you want to celebrate. Usually, the recipients of these custom challenge coins are being awarded or honored for an accomplishment they have achieved or something they have participated in. As with the military tradition, these coins promote loyalty and camaraderie. Presidents, admirals, and other leaders have given these challenge coins. They are going to be a long-lasting remembrance of the event wherein they are given.

The manufacturers here at offer you the chance to personalize your challenge coin bottle openers. There are many options to consider, such as:

• Various sizes and shapes

• Various metals

• Different logos and slogans

• Different fronts and backs

Your organization can come up with custom challenge coins as durable bottle openers that have your emblem or trademark. You can even ask for a free quote with no obligation to buy.

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Military-Coins Challenge Coins 4 Less is your one-stop source for great custom coins and challenge coins of all kinds. We offer a full range of great options to customize and protect your coins and make them a part of everyday life.

Why Modern PCB Fabrication Is Today’s Ultimate Solution For Tech Business Needs

Those who are involved in the PCB fabrication industry must know how crucial it is to incorporate bespoke solutions for their business needs. Every day, your tech business requires more advanced tools and manufacturing processes in order to achieve top quality and affordability that the customers deserve. On that note, PCBNet is one of the few companies that offer ultimately reliable printed circuit boards with long lasting components integrated within the entire system. And since the PCB fabrication process is a complex course to immerse into, you’ll need expert solutions to secure excellent outcomes. Pcbnet you can find out best details option of PCB fabrication.

What is PCB?

PCB AssemblyPCB or printed circuit board is typically used in connecting electronic components in an electrical manner. This is achieved through the creation of conductive pathways for the circuit connections through etched tracks from a copper sheet covered with non-conductive substrate. Hence, PCBs are made up of conducting layers with the help of thin copper foils. The insulating layer dielectrics are covered with epoxy resin prepregs. And for most tech businesses around the world, the FR-4 is the most frequently used type of PCB due to its practical functionalities.

Advantages of Using PCBs instead of Bread-Boards

The boards can be used as single-sided or double-sided depending on your specific needs. The double-sided PCBs are used in connecting electronic parts on each side with through-hole plating. The process is completed by a copper plating procedure where in the holes are connected by the conductive layer within the printed circuit board.

To know more about PCBs, here are some of the benefits you can get once you choose this kind of board over bread-boards:

1.   Higher density boards with bespoke PCB fabrication features.

2.   Ultimate PCB design that is actually a lot more dependable than bread-boards due to certain qualities that the latter doesn’t have. The circuits look well organized without traces of cluttered wires. You also don’t need to worry about the boards falling apart because they are fabricated carefully.

PCB3.    More accurate control over particular circuit components integrated in the board. It’s even more comfortable to fit odd-shaped parts with the PCB without the hassles commonly experienced in bread-boards.

4.   When it comes to mass production of PCBs, the cost is actually more affordable than bread-boards while soldering can easily be done with the use of fully-automated equipment.

How Modern Fabrication Works

PCB fabrication includes the following basic steps which you need to follow in order to get the exact outcome you essentially need. Of course, using a detailed description will be necessary so that accuracy is achieved in terms of functionality.

Below are the processes involved in the fabrication of quality PCBs:

•    PCB etching

•    PCB drilling

•    Conductor plating

•    Solder resist

•    PCB testing

•    PCB assembling

All of which are explained by PCBNet to help people understand the complexity of fabrication. After choosing which electronic circuit will be used in your PCB, you then need to create the layout for your board by using your personal computer or laptop. You can take advantage of various PCB designing tools and CAD software available for you in order to ensure precision and delivery.

Pcb fabricationHowever, it is important to keep in mind that everything should be designed “in reverse” because you’re looking at your PCB from above (if you fail to consider this, the board’s orientation would be wrong). But if you want your circuit designed on a board, you will need a layout that can be flipped within 360 degrees. After this, you need to print your design with a laser printer but carefully choose the paper you are going to use for better quality output.

It’s also essential to fit everything on your print in order to conveniently guide you in every step of the process. Before you print the layout, you may set the design at the highest resolution and use black ink to clearly print the layout. This method may be a bit unprofessional so you can check out this link for more details about the modern fabrication techniques that PCBNet currently uses. Also, if you need expert help, you can visit the site and get some insights for your business needs.

What are you waiting for? Upgrade your PCB fabrication tools and tactics with PCBNet today.

Industry’s Best ID Lanyards

If you’re in search for the highest quality and most amazing-looking ID lanyards, then our website is one of those places that you shouldn’t miss visiting. We pride ourselves in delivering reliable products that suit the needs of every individual and organization while keeping our prices the lowest in the industry. We’re also confident to say that our customer service is simply unmatched. Our representatives are knowledgeable, experienced and are eager to help you determine your needs and decide which lanyard options to opt for.

We offer free artwork and design, as well as color matching services and accommodate revision requests in case you’re not satisfied with the initial proof you receive. We want your ID lanyards to be as perfect as can be and we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

Lanyard Styles

Check out the different lanyard styles and options we offer to see why we have the best custom lanyards in the industry.

1. Polyester Lanyards.

Polyester LanyardsThe most popular of all lanyard styles, polyester lanyards are suitable for pretty much all organization types. These are great for schools, businesses, hospitals and other institutions. We’ll take your design and print it on top of the fabric and make it visible for everyone to see.

2. Woven Polyester Lanyards.

Take your custom lanyards to the next level by opting for our woven polyester lanyards. Instead of imprinting, we will weave your brand and logo into the polyester fabric. This weaving method creates an astonishing effect that makes your lanyards look more elegant and classic. Intricate designs or lettering, however, will not be as legible so we usually recommend woven lanyards for simpler designs only.

3. Nylon Lanyards.

Tubular LanyardsWith this style, you can guarantee outstanding brilliance and visibility for your ID lanyards. The nylon fabric is also more hard wearing than other materials so expect longer lanyard life and better performance. Since your lanyards are more brilliant and visible, your imprinted brand, logo and text stand out from the background and can easily grab people’s attention.

4. Tubular Lanyards.

Made from tube stitched polyester fabric, tubular lanyards can be compared to a regular shoelace. This style provides the greatest value in the industry and a quality that is unexpected. Although the most cost-effected style, tubular lanyards can also be depended on if you want to show off your brand and provide comfort to your staff, students or visitors at the same time. This style is perfect for those who are looking for high class lanyards on a tighter budget. To get more idea about tubular lanyards visit here

5. Dye Sublimated Lanyards

For the ultimate custom lanyard experience, get our dye sublimated lanyards. The sublimation process allows intricate designs and multiple colors to be wholly fused into the fabric. This produces a truly stunning effect that will make your lanyards superbly colorful and vibrant. The imprinted logo and name will not wear off or fade easily and can possibly last for decades! If you want the greatest lanyard quality, dye sublimated lanyards are what you need.

Color Options

ID LanyardsOur lanyard color options are almost infinite! We have just about any tone and shade and we’re confident we can provide you with the exact color that you need. We use the Pantone Color Match system where you can mix and match any color that you desire. We know how color diversity in custom ID lanyards is a necessity for almost all organizations that’s why we endeavor to make all colors available for you. Having the precise color that speaks for your brand is likewise important to take the right message to the people. We understand this and we’re here to deliver quality products that accurately resemble the design you have in mind.

Attachment Options

You have more freedom to customize your lanyards with us. Take a look at our various attachment options that are sure to add more character to your ID lanyards. We offer more than 7 free attachments including thumb trigger, bulldog clip, key ring, and swivel j hook. If you want something that looks classier, then select from our choices of cell phone loop, thumb hook, plastic j hook, oval hook, no swivel j hook, and carabiner hook. Let us know which one you like best and we’ll take care of the rest.

Badge Holders

Your card requirements are not complete without an equally amazing badge holder. If you’re looking for such, stay put and don’t look anywhere else. We also offer high quality badge holders that securely keep your IDs and cards. Available in a number of shapes and sizes, and in both horizontal and vertical formats, our badge holders will complete your entire lanyard setup. We certainly have everything you need!

Helpful Tips in Renting an Apartment or Office

Looking for the perfect place for your home or office can sometimes become a very tiring and frustrating experience. Your expectations and efforts may turn out to be unmet when you are in haste or when you fail to plan.

To avoid any unwanted expenses in terms of financial, physical, and time resources, consider the following factors when looking for an apartment or office to rent:

catalogs•Photos. When you look online or even in mail catalogs, it is easy to be deceived by wonderfully presented photographs. Even without computer manipulation, the angles and the lighting of the shots can hide or mask flaws. Photoshop and other graphics software makes it possible to make an otherwise unappealing property look attractive.

Use the photos as a guide as to the size and style of property that you are looking for. Afterwards, you have to set a specific time to visit the place personally to see the property for yourself and give it a closer inspection. Remember also that you can actually turn a drab property into something that is according to your taste and style.

•Practicality. Be clear on why you want to rent and what kind of property will match your purpose for renting. You should be able to maximize the use of your rented property. Do not pick an apartment with four rooms if only you and your sister will be living in it. If you do find yourself with an apartment with extra rooms, you might want to consider sub-letting it or looking for boarders.  Then, you can add their payment to your monthly rental payments.

Of course, if you’re planning to do that, you must also consider the steps that need to be done prior and the things that need to be accomplished regularly. Practicality also applies to that aspect of acquiring and maintaining a property. For example, if you don’t have much time on your hands and yet you’re planning on getting a property that could be rented out, you might need to reconsider your plans.

Perfect location•Perfect location. Any piece of property that looks perfect will not be the ideal choice when it is unreasonably far away from where you need to be on a regular basis. Having to commute to and from work or school for over two hours definitely makes what would have been the ideal property less than perfect. Your ideal apartment will also not be that perfect if you have to deal with noisy neighbours or pets pooping in the hallway every single day.

Take the time to check out the neighbourhood and visualize yourself going about your daily routine while living in the house or apartment. If it seems to be difficult to go on without hitches or if you keep on backtracking and changing your steps, you might want to look at another apartment for rent elsewhere. The location of your apartment rental should give you convenience, peace of mind, and comfort.

Also, you need to ensure that your chosen property is near some of the most important facilities. No matter how good a property is, if it isn’t near a hospital for example, you might eventually regret your decision of investing in it. In relation to this, do take note of upcoming or ongoing construction projects nearby – and think of the possible effects of those once they’re built and running.

•Third party perspective. Your judgement could be clouded by a number of factors. It is always a good idea to get an objective assessment from another person who might not be as emotionally attached to the decision as you are.

You can ask your friends or seek expert advice especially about renting terms and conditions as well as laws governing certain places or states. In addition, some houses are rented out because of weird reasons; it helps when you make your own research. For example, if the place is quite big and yet the rental cost is significantly low, there might be an untold reason behind it.

Transparency is one of the requirements that every renter should adhere to. Important issues such as deaths or accidents in the very place you will be renting should be revealed to you. Some people experience paranormal activities and unexplained feelings when they stay in some apartments or houses.

Even before you think about all these factors, you should already have a good idea of the kind of apartment or office property you want. Be specific and detailed. Know what qualities are non-negotiable for you. Have a plan on how you intend to find the rental property that perfectly matches your requirements and budget. If need be, do not hesitate to ask for expert help. This will ensure that you do not go around in circles finding the apartment or office property that you are going to rent.

Hitting the Golf Course with Callaway Golf Shoes

Having the right apparel when playing golf is important. Not only does it add style to your get-up, but it also works functionally and improves one’s performance when playing golf. This statement is especially true when it comes to golf shoes. There are a lot of golf companies offering golf shoes. Considered as one of the most favorable shoes are Callaway golf shoes. Callaway started making golf equipment and apparel, including golf shoes in 1983. The company offers a lot of options for both casual and professional golf players. Styles for men and women, including junior sized golf shoes are made available to provide customers with a wide selection of golf shoes.

golfCallaway golf shoes are not just like other regular golf shoes. There are certain technologies applied in manufacturing the shoe that makes it more attractive to buyers. One of the features every Callaway shoe has is its Dry Sport moisture management and its Rain Sport waterproof system. These technologies keep the wearer dry and comfortable no matter what type of weather there is during a game of golf. This comes in handy, especially since the weather is sometimes unpredictable when playing on the field. This feature is perfect for when rain strikes the field. Another popular feature of Callaway shoes is its comfort gel tongue-gel tubes which are for added stability and balanced pressure coming from the shoe laces. This gives the wearer ease when having to walk the field throughout the whole round.

Callaway golf shoes have two kinds of traction designs, namely Chevron Comfort Spikes and Performance Insert System Spikes (PINS). Traction is important as it enables the user to acquire better grounding which may help later on to make good swings. Both designs possess an anti-clogging system to prevent debris build-up in the shoe. The only difference between the two is that Chevron Comfort Spikes are known to be “spineless” which help in increasing the golfer’s strength and endurance while the PINS are designed to supply the golfer with lesser spike pressure without putting the traction and stamina in jeopardy.

What many like about Callaway golf shoes is that they appear fashionable and at the same time are actually comfortable to wear around the course. Arch support is apparent which is why golfers need not worry about getting their feet sore from walking and standing the whole day. Aside from this, Callaway’s shoes also provide high-quality performance in any playing condition. Callaway’s shoes are also quite sturdy. Reinforcement in the heel and toe areas are abundant and molded soles are also adhered properly. Separation of the shoe is highly unlikely as they are well put together. Another good thing about these shoes is that it is easy to walk around in because it is lightweight. Being made up of leather uppers instead of synthetic materials, Callaway’s shoes are definitely light on the feet.

golf game

Callaway golf shoes cost $30 to $100 for older styles and models, while newer models cost $200 to $300. Among the best sellers are the Callaway Men’s XTT LT Saddle golf shoes. Women’s golf shoes are sold quite cheaper at a price 10-20% lower than that of men’s golf shoes. It goes to show that these shoes are affordable even for those casual golfers who are on a budget.

In conclusion, Callaway shoes are a great buy. There are a lot of choices available to choose from with price ranges that could fit one’s budget. Not only will it provide the wearer with comfort, but it will also make him or her look stylish while playing golf. Callaway makes its golf shoes with high quality materials and incorporates helpful features which make playing golf more convenient to the wearer.

How to Choose the Best Color for Your Custom Rubber Bracelet

We see custom rubber bracelets worn by all types of people, whether they are kids, teens or adults. They even become fashion statements of some people who love wearing them. These custom bracelets are made out of silicone rubber which is very flexible and water resistant. Though silicone is an insulating material, it usually deteriorates when exposed to UV exposure. It’s important to keep that in mind, depending on how you’re going to use these accessories.



Rubber bracelets are also called awareness bracelets so that they are not to be confused with other kinds of wristbands. They are often used for support, raising funds, promotions and even for marketing strategies and purposes. Some use these bracelets just to get along with their fad.

Colors and Group Representations

These custom rubber bracelets vary in designs, sizes, and colors. But, do you know that each color of these rubber loops represent different meanings and have certain purposes? One thing is sure: once you wear them, you should be aware of the meaning of every the color. So, brace yourself and know the meaning of each color for these rubber bracelets.


This color is used by churches or religious groups to give and spread motivational messages. It is also used to convey support for Christian group purposes.


This expresses support for army recruitment campaign. This color is used by the armed forces.


Although couples use red custom rubber bracelets to exhibit their feelings, other groups also use red custom bracelets for fundraising and to express their support for tsunami victims, those with HIV/ AIDS, heart disorders, diabetes and even for a drug-free living campaign. We will also find people wearing red rubber bracelets during World AIDS Day (December 1) and during World Diabetes Day (November 14).


Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) communities wear this color to express support for equal rights. This also acts as a symbol of gay pride.


Blue colored custom rubber bracelets are worn by those who support cystic fibrosis patients and those who fight against domestic violence and child abuse.


2004 is the year when cyclist Lance Armstrong used yellow wristbands imprinted with words “Live Strong” as a symbol for support to cancer patients and survivors. He also used these bracelets to spread awareness and fundraise millions for his cancer organization.


These debossed bracelets are made by blending a couple or more colors to produce a marbled effect. Many men and women use marbled red or green bracelets for any occasion- from troop support gathering, raising AIDS awareness, etc.


Women who have health issues use this. Avon used pink rubber bracelets to spread cancer awareness and people managed to get the message quickly.


American Cancer Society uses orange custom bracelets for their anti-smoking drive. Words “Live free Smoke-free” are inscribed in the said bracelets. Other groups that show support for people who have lupus, Asperger’s Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis and self-injury also use the same color of custom rubber bracelets.


People who convey environmental conservation awareness and nature protection wear green wristbands. Those who support organ donation also use green custom bands.


Those who show support the 9/11 bombing victims wear purple custom silicone bracelets. Policemen and firefighters also use these purple bands. Purple “Mind Strong” custom bands are being worn by supporters of Alzheimer’s Disease patients.


Last but not the least, black rubber bracelets are used for formal and solemn occasions such as funerals.

Although there are various colors of custom rubber bracelets to choose from, just remember to consider these colors and what they are for if ever you are planning to use them- whether as means of expressing support, for marketing strategies, advertising purposes, fundraising or even to distinguish invited guests from gate crashers.

Even though each color symbolizes a certain group of people, still they are used not only for practical purposes. So, choose the color that likely suits your purpose.

The Effects of GW1516

image2GW1516 works by activating PPAR and by stimulating AMP-activated protein kinase. Activation of PPAR and AMP-activated protein kinase leads to a significant increase in endurance and faster oxidation or melting of fat respectively. It is also known as GW-501516 and GSK-516. Unlike ordinary workouts alone and usage of other catabolic drugs, usage of this substance does not promote loss of muscle mass. When AMP-activated protein kinase is stimulated, the energy needed for workout is drawn from the oxidation of fat rather than the loss of muscle protein and carbohydrates. Upon activation of PPAR, the skeletal muscle metabolism is enhanced, thus increasing endurance. In one experiment conducted, mice that have been treated with the said drug had a low fat accumulation despite being fed with a high-fat diet.

This drug was especially tailored by GlaxoSmithKline to address the widespread obesity. However, due to the negative findings of independent clinical studies that lead to the discovery of GW501516 as a causative substance for various organ tumors and cancers among controlled groups of mice, GlaxoSmithKline has stopped its production. The company also does not authorize the sale of the drug.

Test Phases with the Drug

GW-501516 has undergone phase I, II and IV tests under GlaxoSmithKline. Under the phase I study, scientists determined the effects of the drug to patients with heart problems. Phase I studies have been terminated and phase II and IV were classified as incomplete.

What is AICAR?

GW-5156 is often used with AICAR. Unlike the former drug, AICAR has been tested since 1980’s. It stimulates AMP-activated protein kinase activities. AICAR also belongs to WADA’s list of banned substances.

People’s Opinions on the Ban

image1A lot of people are discrediting the findings on GW1516 issued by the Word Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) simply because they find WADA scientifically inaccurate. Previously, only registered performance enhancing drugs were banned but recently WADA has also banned substances on their clinical and pre-clinical trial stage. WADA has also banned clinical approval to the said drug. The exact statement of WADA indicates that the substance has been banned because “side effect of this compound is so serious…” WADA has then since issued no elaboration of the term “serious” nor has it conducted further clinical studies to test, verify and report effects of the substance. Another independent study has shown that large dosage of the injected drug has resulted to liver fibrosis in mice subjects. Users dismiss this study on the premise of the term “large dosage”; the analogy to humans seem unclear because the administration of the drug is different from its administration among humans, which is oral, and that rodents have different metabolic functions than humans. Also, they claim that a little sacrifice for tangible results is normal with drugs. No registered drug in the market presents absolutely zero side effects.

In another study published in 2009, oral intake of GW-501516 at any dosage resulted in other forms of cancer. Male Han Wistar rats were “given 0, 5, 15 or 30 mg/kg/day for the first 6 weeks of the study. For the remainder of the study males were given 0, 5, 20 or 40 mg/kg/day.” Female rats were given 0, 3, 10 or 20 mg/kg/day for the entire study. The result after 104 days yielded various cancer in the liver, stomach, bladder, skin, thyroid, testes, ovaries and uterus. This seems like a very convincing study, but so far no recorded person has reported about acquiring cancer mainly due to this drug.

GW1516 is being sold as Endurobol in the black market and is detectable up to 40 days from the first dosage. The said drug is also available for sale from research chemical retailers meant for experiments and not for human use. Body builders start with a 5mg dosage spaced 12 hours twice a day.