Make Your Custom Challenge Coins Functional By Using Them As Bottle Openers

When you want to give out challenge coins during special occasions, coming up with a design idea for the coins may be easy when you have something to associate it with. For instance, you can have the logo of your organization imprinted on your coins. But what if you want something more to set it apart from other custom challenge coins? Well, the artists here at can help you out with that. You can choose from many available shapes and sizes. You can even choose to have your coins as a bottle opener. You can input the design you want in these bottle openers.

Custom coins as bottle openers can be great souvenirs during bachelor parties, retirement events, or any other kinds of celebration. To make it even more personalized, you can add in edge engraving or numbering in your coins.

Custom Coins

When manufacturers follow their guidelines, these bottle opener coins are guaranteed to work 100% in opening a bottle of beer, unlike other coins that are only for “show.” During the design process, the coin manufacturer uses the right specifications to ensure that the products are functional. You also have an option to wear it as a key chain or necklace for easy access. All you need is to request for a second cutout in your challenge coin bottle opener.

Drinking And Challenge Coins – A Perfect Combination

When you think about the history of these coins, it is not surprising that somebody would come up with the idea of using them a bottle opener. Since the First World War, military coins and drinking have been popular with servicemen.

custom military coinsWhen soldiers are at local bars, “challenging” other soldiers to show their coins is the fun part of challenge coins. If the soldier is able to show the coin, the challenger will buy a round of drinks. If not, the one who was challenged will buy the drinks for the other soldiers, including the challenger. With a challenge coin as a bottle opener, anyone who enjoys a cold drink can open their favorite beer.

A Different Take On Custom Challenge Coins

Since these coins are becoming really popular as collectables or commemorative coins, using them as a bottle opener is a different take on these coins.

The come if various sizes and shapes, including:

• Round

• Rectangular

• Dog tag shape

• Cowbell shape

• Octagon, pentagon, and many more

Design Options Of Challenge Coin Bottle Openers

Like other types of customized coins, bottle opener coins can also represent the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Navy, Marines, Police, Firefighters, and even corporate organizations, personal groups, or a congressional group. You can use your imagination when designing your coins and of course, the experts at can help you customize your coin according to your purpose and requirements. Your challenge coin can be made from any of the following:

• Gold

• Silver

• Bronze

• Copper

The best choice for your bottle opener coins are the stronger metals. They can perform their intended function and they will be relatively indestructible. You can request for the logo and lettering to be painted, have an epoxy dome finish, and to be raised; or they can simply be polished, brushed, or have an antique finish. The finish could be rough or smooth. For round shapes, the edge can be roped, diamond cut, or flowered. To make your coins unique, there are many features that you can apply to them.


custom challenge coinsYou can use your bottle opener challenge coin at home, social gatherings, and in bars. These coins can be an amazing hit during pool or barbecue parties. They can also be helpful when you go on fishing, camping, and hunting trips. You can give them away during ceremonies, conventions, dedications, assemblies, parties, and other events that you want to celebrate. Usually, the recipients of these custom challenge coins are being awarded or honored for an accomplishment they have achieved or something they have participated in. As with the military tradition, these coins promote loyalty and camaraderie. Presidents, admirals, and other leaders have given these challenge coins. They are going to be a long-lasting remembrance of the event wherein they are given.

The manufacturers here at offer you the chance to personalize your challenge coin bottle openers. There are many options to consider, such as:

• Various sizes and shapes

• Various metals

• Different logos and slogans

• Different fronts and backs

Your organization can come up with custom challenge coins as durable bottle openers that have your emblem or trademark. You can even ask for a free quote with no obligation to buy.

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