Hitting the Golf Course with Callaway Golf Shoes

Having the right apparel when playing golf is important. Not only does it add style to your get-up, but it also works functionally and improves one’s performance when playing golf. This statement is especially true when it comes to golf shoes. There are a lot of golf companies offering golf shoes. Considered as one of the most favorable shoes are Callaway golf shoes. Callaway started making golf equipment and apparel, including golf shoes in 1983. The company offers a lot of options for both casual and professional golf players. Styles for men and women, including junior sized golf shoes are made available to provide customers with a wide selection of golf shoes.

golfCallaway golf shoes are not just like other regular golf shoes. There are certain technologies applied in manufacturing the shoe that makes it more attractive to buyers. One of the features every Callaway shoe has is its Dry Sport moisture management and its Rain Sport waterproof system. These technologies keep the wearer dry and comfortable no matter what type of weather there is during a game of golf. This comes in handy, especially since the weather is sometimes unpredictable when playing on the field. This feature is perfect for when rain strikes the field. Another popular feature of Callaway shoes is its comfort gel tongue-gel tubes which are for added stability and balanced pressure coming from the shoe laces. This gives the wearer ease when having to walk the field throughout the whole round.

Callaway golf shoes have two kinds of traction designs, namely Chevron Comfort Spikes and Performance Insert System Spikes (PINS). Traction is important as it enables the user to acquire better grounding which may help later on to make good swings. Both designs possess an anti-clogging system to prevent debris build-up in the shoe. The only difference between the two is that Chevron Comfort Spikes are known to be “spineless” which help in increasing the golfer’s strength and endurance while the PINS are designed to supply the golfer with lesser spike pressure without putting the traction and stamina in jeopardy.

What many like about Callaway golf shoes is that they appear fashionable and at the same time are actually comfortable to wear around the course. Arch support is apparent which is why golfers need not worry about getting their feet sore from walking and standing the whole day. Aside from this, Callaway’s shoes also provide high-quality performance in any playing condition. Callaway’s shoes are also quite sturdy. Reinforcement in the heel and toe areas are abundant and molded soles are also adhered properly. Separation of the shoe is highly unlikely as they are well put together. Another good thing about these shoes is that it is easy to walk around in because it is lightweight. Being made up of leather uppers instead of synthetic materials, Callaway’s shoes are definitely light on the feet.

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Callaway golf shoes cost $30 to $100 for older styles and models, while newer models cost $200 to $300. Among the best sellers are the Callaway Men’s XTT LT Saddle golf shoes. Women’s golf shoes are sold quite cheaper at a price 10-20% lower than that of men’s golf shoes. It goes to show that these shoes are affordable even for those casual golfers who are on a budget.

In conclusion, Callaway shoes are a great buy. There are a lot of choices available to choose from with price ranges that could fit one’s budget. Not only will it provide the wearer with comfort, but it will also make him or her look stylish while playing golf. Callaway makes its golf shoes with high quality materials and incorporates helpful features which make playing golf more convenient to the wearer.