How to Choose the Best Color for Your Custom Rubber Bracelet

We see custom rubber bracelets worn by all types of people, whether they are kids, teens or adults. They even become fashion statements of some people who love wearing them. These custom bracelets are made out of silicone rubber which is very flexible and water resistant. Though silicone is an insulating material, it usually deteriorates when exposed to UV exposure. It’s important to keep that in mind, depending on how you’re going to use these accessories.



Rubber bracelets are also called awareness bracelets so that they are not to be confused with other kinds of wristbands. They are often used for support, raising funds, promotions and even for marketing strategies and purposes. Some use these bracelets just to get along with their fad.

Colors and Group Representations

These custom rubber bracelets vary in designs, sizes, and colors. But, do you know that each color of these rubber loops represent different meanings and have certain purposes? One thing is sure: once you wear them, you should be aware of the meaning of every the color. So, brace yourself and know the meaning of each color for these rubber bracelets.


This color is used by churches or religious groups to give and spread motivational messages. It is also used to convey support for Christian group purposes.


This expresses support for army recruitment campaign. This color is used by the armed forces.


Although couples use red custom rubber bracelets to exhibit their feelings, other groups also use red custom bracelets for fundraising and to express their support for tsunami victims, those with HIV/ AIDS, heart disorders, diabetes and even for a drug-free living campaign. We will also find people wearing red rubber bracelets during World AIDS Day (December 1) and during World Diabetes Day (November 14).


Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) communities wear this color to express support for equal rights. This also acts as a symbol of gay pride.


Blue colored custom rubber bracelets are worn by those who support cystic fibrosis patients and those who fight against domestic violence and child abuse.


2004 is the year when cyclist Lance Armstrong used yellow wristbands imprinted with words “Live Strong” as a symbol for support to cancer patients and survivors. He also used these bracelets to spread awareness and fundraise millions for his cancer organization.


These debossed bracelets are made by blending a couple or more colors to produce a marbled effect. Many men and women use marbled red or green bracelets for any occasion- from troop support gathering, raising AIDS awareness, etc.


Women who have health issues use this. Avon used pink rubber bracelets to spread cancer awareness and people managed to get the message quickly.


American Cancer Society uses orange custom bracelets for their anti-smoking drive. Words “Live free Smoke-free” are inscribed in the said bracelets. Other groups that show support for people who have lupus, Asperger’s Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis and self-injury also use the same color of custom rubber bracelets.


People who convey environmental conservation awareness and nature protection wear green wristbands. Those who support organ donation also use green custom bands.


Those who show support the 9/11 bombing victims wear purple custom silicone bracelets. Policemen and firefighters also use these purple bands. Purple “Mind Strong” custom bands are being worn by supporters of Alzheimer’s Disease patients.


Last but not the least, black rubber bracelets are used for formal and solemn occasions such as funerals.

Although there are various colors of custom rubber bracelets to choose from, just remember to consider these colors and what they are for if ever you are planning to use them- whether as means of expressing support, for marketing strategies, advertising purposes, fundraising or even to distinguish invited guests from gate crashers.

Even though each color symbolizes a certain group of people, still they are used not only for practical purposes. So, choose the color that likely suits your purpose.